How to install APK files on Android phone? What are APK files and why there is a need to download such files? If you possess an Android phone you’ve probably heard about an APK file and perhaps thought of what it even is. Downloading and Installing APK files on Android devices is as simple as tapping the files of your phone. However, there are a couple of interesting points before you can do this effectively. Read this article further to know what APK files are, how to download them, and lastly, how to install them.

What Is An APK (Application Package Kit) File?

Android APK or the Application Package Files are related to the extension “.apk”. This is additionally the extension of the JAR. It is fundamentally the format that the android framework accepts for installing mobile applications.

On the off chance, if you are less technical, assume it like a file you run to introduce programs on Windows or Macintosh. Similarly, APK is an installer file for Android applications to install and run different Android Apps.

Importance Of an APK File

If you possess a device that runs on an Android system, you will discover that there are APK in it. This implies that you can install and convey applications made for the Android system.

Hence, it is significantly important for you to know the nuts and bolts about these files. As a matter of fact, the majority of the Android holders are not known about the significance and implication of APK files. While the facts confirm that occasionally you can live with not fiddling much about these APK. However, it would, in any case, be very valuable to find out about it just on the off chance that you would require it later when you need to download more applications on your Android gadget.

Why There Is A Need To Install APK Files?

The APK files are already present in the applications that you install from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Usually, your smartphone naturally installs the APK. However, if the application that you have isn’t installed from the Android Market, you have to ensure that you introduce it physically in your gadget. This process is required so that your applications can run effectively with no hitch.

When you install an application from the Google Play Store, at that point, you’ve actually used an APK file without even acknowledging it. When you click to install applications from the Play Store, the Google Play robotizes the way of moving the APK files to your smartphones and running it on your devices.

But what if the application you want to install isn’t on the Play Store. Or maybe there’s any point when you need to install any third-party apps. That’s where things become quite tricky. Below are steps to install APK files on android devices.

How To Prepare A Device To Accept Third-Party Apps

Typically, your Android gadget just enables you to install applications from the Google Play Store. In the event that you need to install apps from anywhere else, you have to set permissions on your device to allow installation from third-party sources.

Here’s how you can do so in some simple steps:

1. Open your Android device Settings.

2. Select Apps and Notifications option

3. Simply enable “Unknown Sources” option

Note: If you won’t find this option under the Apps and Notifications tab. Then try finding it in the device Security Section.

Steps On How To Install APK Files On Android Devices

There are various sources of APK files on the web, however, be certain to pick a webpage you trust. Some APK may contain malware that could destroy your device security. It is advised to be alert before downloading or introducing any application from outside of the Play Store.

Some popularly known websites for downloading APK files are APK Pure and APK Mirror.

Installing an application is simple when you need to install them from the Google Play Store. But for the third-party apps, you need to follow the following procedure:

Step-1. Open any browser and search for the APK you need to download, or simply visit any of the above mention sites and search for the apps of your choice.

Step-2. Next is to simply download that APK File. Make sure you have downloaded it at an easy to find location. Generally, downloaded files are saved in the Downloads folder.

Step-3. Once the download is completed, you need to find that APK file folder where you have saved that APK file. You can even use the My Files folder of your device.

Step-4. Once you found that folder, simply tap on that APK file and hit the install option. And it will get installed on your device.

How To Install APK Files From Computer To Android Device

You can even install applications from your computer to your android device. For this, the process is somewhat different in the initial and the rest is the same.

Simply you need to search and download APK file on your computer and later you need to connect your android with your PC via USB cable/connector. And select Media Device Option. This will let your android and PC to share files between them.

Now, search for the downloaded APK file in your computer and transfer it to your android device’s folder of your choice (you can even use a file manager app to locate files). Once it gets transferred, simply search for that file and follow step(4) above.

Note: It is always advised to check reviews before downloading APK files from third-party sources.

There might be the case, that your application fails to run. In such a condition, either repeat the process or try downloading the APK from a different site.



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