Are you frustrated watching other local businesses, contenders, and every other person getting clients to their doors, and you still getting nothing? Want to know how to get more sales on your business? Google My Business is the solution to your problems. Read further to know how to optimize rank on google to boost the traffic on your business.

This is a common problem with every 3rd business person. Most of them even search around to find what’s wrong but still they don’t get the clue. The reason is people are unaware of the current market scenario, which is completely changed. It’s been a tough competition out there than it used to be in the past. And so to beat them up and get on the top you have to act smartly to drive more traffic and sales to your business.

Most of you might likely be familiar with Google My Business but haven’t given it a try. In case you aren’t, here’s a quick summary, Google My Business is a simple and basic method to show your business address or storefront on Google which uses photos, reviews, and a nice description of your business. It shows your business on search results according to the information you provided. And is likely the best way to reach more customers and grab more sales to your business. And the best part is it’s completely free.

If you still don’t get what it is, just try searching for any keyword (let say Hardware Store) on Google and you’ll probably be shown up with something like this:


So when somebody looks for an item or service which you too offer, you’ll appear in the list like above. Or when somebody searches for your business directly, you’ll appear on the right side of Google search result like the picture below:


The best part is that not many business owners are utilizing these features. So what you think, isn’t this the best way to increase sales and get more traffic to your business?

Tips To Increase Business Sales Via Google My Business

boost sales with google my business

Getting your business up on Google can be scary particularly when you are new to this. But guess what, it’s completely easy than you think. However, you just need to have a basic understanding of how to utilize the internet.

Continue reading this article, as we’ll demonstrate some precise strategies to rank on Google’s top lists for any focused keywords in your area.

Here’s are a few things which you need to get started:

1. A Gmail Account

2. A Logo for your business

3. A few pictures of your business/shop/store (if any)

Once you have arranged all these, the next thing is to follow the steps below for further processing:

1. Finding Keyword For Your Business

rank on top of google listing

It’s always a good thing to do some keyword researching before you get listed on Google. It is advised to begin with a single keyword. To ensure you have the correct keyword, look for the keyword on Google and check whether a couple of Google maps postings are appearing on the indexed lists page. Note that we need to appear on Google search and not simply on Maps search.

You have to find the correct keyword which doesn’t have an excessive amount of competition with other Google business results and furthermore accommodates your targeted customers.

2. Get Registered On Google My Business

When you have found your keyword and arranged pictures, logos, etc.. for your business, the next step is to get registered on Google My Business. Follow this link and click on ‘Start Now‘ button, as shown below:

how to get sales on google my business

Just fill in the details about your business as asked. And when you have set up your account and verify it properly, it will take a few days to get your business in the search list.

While making the Google posting, ensure that you mention the keyword in your posting title and include all the necessary information about your business. Additionally, it is advised to upload a minimum of 5 photographs of your business.

3. Boosting Your Business On Top Of Google List

rank high on google search list

Once your business is listed, you should look ahead to rank it on top. And here’s the trick to do that, just try to get as many reviews as possible, for your business.

Reviews are important because when people give natural reviews about your business, it will enable you to rank on other keywords too, which are related to your domain. Google always track the activities of businesses. So when google found your business performing good and people are giving good reviews on it, they’ll push you up on other keywords too (related to your niche).

Tips To Get Reviews On Your Business:

1. Ask your best customers and friends to review your business.

2. Visit your business page and copy the link and send it to your customers or even use this method in your e-mail marketing campaigns.

3. You can even guide people about writing reviews, this makes their work a lot easier.

Note: Don’t be shy with your customers while asking for reviews.

Once you are all set with these tips you can even try other things like Google Voice Search (read below) or Facebook Places Optimization. These are also the best ways to generate traffic to your business.

More Ways To Boost Traffic Via Google My Business

1. Create Promotional Material For Businesses

Google is propelling a website where businesses can now order and get custom promotional stuff like stickers and posters to publicize their business.

how to optimize traffic on google

For making posters, you can utilize the google’s personalized marketing kit to make your own posters that can be downloaded and printed easily. You can print these posters and can even share on social networks. Google is providing all these for free and one can easily download them.

boost traffic with google my business

2. Google Voice Assistant

Google Assistant enables your clients to discover answers and get things done easily. It likewise allows clients to purchase items, book a service, online ordering, discover stores, and so on.

google assistant for google my business

Google now lets customers order food online or even pre-book a table in a restaurant via Google Assistant. If you have any food delivery business or a restaurant then Google Assistant is the best option to look for.

Whatever your business does, the Google Assistant can help you grow more clients. Just make sure that you’re upfront when individuals are searching for your business or services.

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3. Welcome Customers By Providing Offers

Google realizes that individuals are searching for approaches to save cash and discover great deals. With this new method, businesses can compensate their clients by offering them discount coupons and welcome offers. This is one of the best ways to drive more and instant traffic to your business.

get sales on google my business

By providing first-time offers to customers who follow your business will push them to stay connected to your business, to check when new offers are posted.

It’s pretty simple to set welcome offers on your business. Open your Google My Business profile and hit ‘Create Welcome Offers‘ under ‘Turn Followers Into Customers‘. You’ll need to enter details like Title, Description, Coupon Code, Website (If any), Terms & Conditions.

Once done just preview your message and hit ‘Create‘ and it’s all set. In case, you still have doubts click here to read more about welcome offers.

It is assumed that most of the searches on google are conducted through Voice Search, in the future. So it is advised to leverage all the features of Google My Business, as its always a good thing to start early to avoid being in a competition.

Haven’t registered your business on Google yet? Do it now.


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